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The Workforce

We have a fantastic team here, some of our staff have been with us for over 20 years, the experience and growth that they've achieved within the company is special and they have grown together with us.



Here at Auto Technics, we believe in repairing cars to the highest standards possible. We treat every car like we'd treat our own. It's important we repair correctly, to the highest of standards whilst also offering excellent customer service as well.

  • Having manufacturer trained technicians - Our technicians are sent all over the country to train with the manufacturers we're approved with. They learn so much from each course - the latest vehicle technologies, the latest components a car is constructed with, the latest repair methods, how to diagnose faults, information on the latest and upcoming models,

  • Using only genuine parts, supplied directly from the manufacturers -  We only deal with genuine parts, we never fit none genuine or "insurance approved" parts, our parts are always sourced from the manufacturers directly, meaning the best quality, the best fitment and the best finish for your car.

  • Using Approved paint and materials on your vehicle - Believe it or not, there are many cheaper car paints out there that are not approved by the manufacturers, those paints don't have the quality and longevity of the paints approved by the manufacturer.

  • Supplying a repair authenticity guarantee, ensuring your vehicles warranty is not invalidated - All of our repairs are carried out to exacting standards in line with our approvals factory repair methods, using our trained technicians and only genuine parts. The repairs to your car will be backed by the repair authenticity guarantee to give you peace of mind, that your car was repaired by the manufactures standards. VWG and BMW will email this to you directly. We also have VWG information leaflets, so if you decide to come in, we will gladly give you one.

  • Keeping you mobile whilst your car is in with us - We understand the importance of keeping you mobile. We have a fleet of over 20 cars that we use to ensure you can carry on as normal, even when your car is in for repair.

  • Audited by brands on a regular basis to ensure standards and quality is maintained - We are monitored by the manufacturers throughout the year, we are audited regularly so you can rest assured your car is in the right hands here.

  • Access and use of factory approved repair methods - We have access to manufacturer and factory approved methods, so you know your car will be repaired correctly.

  • State of the art and up to date approved repair equipment and diagnostic facilities - We invest every year in our equipment and facilities, cars are always developing and we make sure our staff have the correct tools to do the job.

  • CEM (Customer Satisfactory Survey from VWG and BMW) - Your opinion is really important to both us and the manufacturers we work with and we'd love to hear your thoughts on our service. VWG group and BMW will send you a short customer survey invitation by email and we would be most grateful if you would complete this for us. You should receive this invitation a few days after your repairs are completed and the car has been returned to you. Please check for this in your email inbox, also please check your spam/junk folder just in case it's in there.

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